Section 10 Agreements (storyboard)

An overview of conservation agreements made under section 10 of the ESA (storyboard format).

Working Paper

Section 10(a)(1)(b) of the Endangered Species Act creates several ways for┬ánon-federal landowners to take threatened and endangered species in return for conservation actions to benefit the species. These conservation agreements–Habitat Conservation Plans, Safe Harbor Agreements, and Candidate Conservation Agreements (some with Assurances, CCAAs)–are widely used, but there are very few broad analyses of even basic agreement data.

Here we provide an initial examination of section 10 conservation data collected from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s website in early 2016, in storyboard format. Click the panels at the top of the page in sequence to work through the data and the story. We present slight different analyses in a second working paper.


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